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Audiobook Release

I'm very honored to have had the opportunity to narrate the meticulously researched and eloquently written biography, Clara Barton: Professional Angel, by Elizabeth Brown Pryor.

The author crafted this story on the foundation of Barton's own voluminous correspondence, personal letters, and reminiscences of lovers and family members. The result is a portrayal of Barton as only those most close to her must have known-- a vividly human figure. Barton struggled with insecurity and battled depression and crippling physical ailments throughout her life. Philanthropy and daring humanitarian relief fields provided Barton the

achievement, love, respect, and gratitude denied her by her family and society.

Like most, I was familiar with Clara Barton's contributions as a philanthropist, her daring relief work during the Civil War, and her role in founding the American Red Cross. I was blown away to learn of her pivotal role in the advancement of civil rights and American social progress, and the price she paid for it-- the rebuke of the country she loved so much and constantly sought praise from.

Clara Barton: Professional Angel is available now from Amazon Audible.

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